Specialization Programs: 3-Day Onsite Training in Alameda, CA

Dr. Suzanne MartinPilates Therapeutics® Advanced Qualification Specialization Programs in Scoliosis Management, Breast Cancer Restoration, Performing Arts Enhancement and Foot Management. Each will be presented in Alameda, CA during the summer of 2017, dates to be announced soon. We are very excited to present again in 2017 to new groups of Specialists!

Foot Management will give you a model of Pilates-based management for the cavus and planus foot.

Performing Arts Enhancement comes from my work as Wellbeing Director and Physical Therapist for dancers and dance companies. Learn the specific issues of dancers and performers and how to adapt to their needs within the Pilates environment.

Finally, the Scoliosis Management and Breast Cancer Restoration courses delve into my two specialty areas, for which I now travel and present worldwide.

Continuing education is more than just an annoyance or hassle. It's a path to more opportunities and a more satisfying practice! LIFELONG LEARNERS ENJOY THEIR JOBS!

The links to the Program Infosheets and the All-Program Application Form are directly to the left.

You can also apply online at: https://bookeo.com/ptherapeutics

Please feel free to email us with any questions.


Pilates Therapeutics® Approved Specialists

(Lvl 2 indicates 2 or more Specializations)

2016 Specialists: 2013 Specialists:
Lay Keng Ong: Performing Arts Enhancement Diane McKallip - Scoliosis Management
Sandra Stringer: Scoliosis Management Jennifer Edwards - Scoliosis Management
  Andrea Borgmann-Quist - Breast Cancer Restoration
  Leslie Call - Breast Cancer Restoration
2015 Specialists: Tonya Marie Amos - Foot Management
Alexis Pittmon (Lvl 2) - Scoliosis Management Penny Shure - Foot Management
Honorine Sueno - Scoliosis Management 2012 Specialists:
Ellen Miller - Foot Management Emilee Garfield - Scoliosis Management
Baiba Rozenfelde: Performing Arts Enhancement Erika Quinn - Scoliosis Management
  Jamie Vinciguerra - Scoliosis Management
Laura Grant - Scoliosis Management
2014 Specialists: Heather Dennis - Scoliosis Management
Hilary Snider - Scoliosis Management Judy Murphy Breast Cancer Restoration
Kris Shevlin, PT - Scoliosis Management Alix Plum-Widener - Breast Cancer Restoration
Lorna Roza, PT - Scoliosis Management Rachel Smith - Breast Cancer Restoration
Erika Quinn (Lvl 2) - Foot Management  
Suzanne Wise - Foot Management 2011 Specialists:
Susan Whipp - Foot Management Lisa Hostman - Scoliosis Management
Emilee Garfield (Lvl 2) - Foot Management Mary Jo Ketterhagen - Scoliosis Management
Alexis Pittmon - Breast Cancer Restoration Kathryn Senigaglia - Scoliosis Management
Gail Perry, PT - Breast Cancer Restoration Maria Davis - Breast Cancer Restoration

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